Brian Lohan ‘didn’t want to take olive branch’ says Davy Fitzgerald

Brian Lohan ‘didn’t want to take olive branch’ says Davy Fitzgerald

Davy Fitzgerald says that his attempt to end his feud with Brian Lohan has come to nothing.

The pair, who won two All-Irelands together with Clare back in the 90s, fell out a number of years ago after managing against each other at Fitzgibbon Cup level and there were no pleasantries exchanged after any of their meetings in recent seasons when Fitzgerald’s Wexford clashed with the Lohan-managed Clare.

After Clare knocked Wexford out of this year’s Championship, Fitzgerald said that “for the sake of Clare, 110% if someone got a meeting between me and Brian Lohan in the morning, I’d do it”.

Nothing appears to have come from that, however, with Fitzgerald saying yesterday: “I held out an olive branch. He didn’t want to take it after the Wexford game. That’s the way it is. I can’t do any more. I don’t have any interest in fighting, I really don’t.

“There’s a lot more stuff in life. There’s people out there with serious illness. That’s something to worry about, isn’t it? We shouldn’t be fighting and messing.

“We all have our opinions but we should be able to get over them. That’s the way I see things. There’s a lot of people out there struggling with different things in life, health-wise, mentally-wise.

“Maybe before I might have been that way; now I don’t care. If someone wants to continue on and say stuff about me or do stuff, that’s fine. No interest in it.”

Elsewhere, the former Banner boss said he met with Clare Strategic Review Group as they compiled the 53-page ‘Saffron and Blue’ report which was issued last week. Among its findings was that the Clare county board executive, which includes Fitzgerald’s father, Pat, “is not fit to govern Clare GAA”.

“I had a good chat with them. I told them different things I thought. I think they realised that the last 20, 25 years for a county like Clare has been pretty good.

“Financially they’re on a good setting, what they’ve won over the last 20, 25 years has been absolutely incredible. Things will change and move on. Is it the best way to go? I’m not exactly sure but you have to be open to change and I think everyone is.

“Like, I love my county withou

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