Cork man was ‘acting like a man possessed’ during crime spree

Cork man was ‘acting like a man possessed’ during crime spree

A rampage of crime in Cork city by a culprit “acting like a man possessed” resulted in an 18-month jail term made up of a number of consecutive sentences.

Graham O’Mahony (also known as McCarthy) of no fixed address asked Judge Colm Roberts by video link from prison: “How are they consecutives when I wasn’t on bail?”

 Judge Roberts replied: “Because it was a rampage.”

 The judge said that sometimes when people are on a rampage of offences they keep going on the basis of a ‘hung for a sheep as a lamb’ attitude.

The accused said before he left the video booth in the prison: “Go away out of that boy, you’re a joke.” 

Before the sentence was imposed, Diarmuid Kelleher said: “He was a very good athlete. He had many sporting achievements up to the age of 16. Unfortunately, he left school and got into difficulties with alcohol and got in with the wrong people.

Judge Roberts said: “The terms, ‘fell into drugs’, ‘fell in with people’, are used like people don’t have any agency.” 

The solicitor said: “He knows it was a choice.” 

The judge said: “I don’t believe he had a deliberate intention to upset anyone. But what he was doing was outrageous — smashing windows, stealing and breaking in like a man possessed.” 

At that stage in the hearing — before sentence was imposed — the accused said: “I am sorry for that your honour. I am sober now. I am ashamed to be honest.”

 Sergeant John Kelleher said the numerous offence committed by Graham O’Mahony (McCarthy) were all committed between October 12 and November 13.

At South main street, he smashed the window of car with a concrete block and stole €4 in coins.


In another incident, he forced open an office on South Mall and stole a €600 laptop.

At Keyser’s Hill he stole €10 from a car after forcing open the gate of a driveway to a house.

At Lapps Quay, he smashed side windows of two cars. In one case nothing was taken and in another, a school bag was taken. The bag and contents were recovered.

At Copley street, he smashed the side window o

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