Covid-19: Government expected to give go-ahead to some reopening plans

Covid-19: Government expected to give go-ahead to some reopening plans

The Government is this morning expected to give the go ahead to some aspects of Friday’s scheduled reopening but others are likely to be postponed as new Covid-19 cases continue to surge.

The Cabinet will this morning consider the advice relayed from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) after its meeting yesterday, which was still being discussed by the three party leaders at Government Buildings late last night.

However, all indications were that Ministers will decide to move forward cautiously with the reopening while extending some restrictions, such as the use of Covid passes in hospitality and the use of masks.

Insiders said the Government wanted to stick to as much of the reopening plan as possible but the surge in cases in recent weeks, and the growth in numbers hospitalised, continues to cause anxiety. However, sources familiar with discussions at the highest levels said there was “no panic” among health chiefs as there was no sense – as there was last year, before the vaccination programme – that the disease could run out of control and overwhelm the health service.

Nonetheless, there is growing worry of the effect that the current growth in cases will have on existing waiting lists for treatment and “trolley numbers” – the count of those admitted to hospital emergency departments but awaiting a hospital bed.

Ministers are also likely to focus on the need to increases compliance with the requirement for Covid-19 certificates for indoor hospitality and mask wearing.

Overall, there is concern in Government rather than alarm, though some sources expressed puzzlement about why the recent sudden growth in infections was not predicted by public health experts. “They don’t seem to be able predict anything,” said one source.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin yesterday said the continued use of digital Covid certs and mask wearing was “certainly on the agenda”.

He was speaking to reporters in Sligo in advance of last night’s discussions. Earlier, Health Service Executive chief Paul Reid said it was “time to hit the reset button”. He said unvaccinated people were “at a higher risk” and he urged them to “do the right thing”. Mr Reid also said “for the rest of us, [it is] time to do the basics well again”.

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Government is likely to urge hospitality businesses to increase compliance with the requirements for Covid certificates and strict

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