Derval O’Rourke: Four tips if you want to start running and a recipe for roast pepper hummus

Derval O’Rourke: Four tips if you want to start running and a recipe for roast pepper hummus

Running has been such a major aspect of my life, and has offered me some amazing experiences and taught me valuable lessons which I still carry with me today. 

This week I’ll share tips on running and in recipes I have a simple but delicious roast pepper hummus recipe.

One of the reasons that I think running is such a great sport, is because of its accessibility. If you have some sports gear, a decent pair of sports shoes, and a water bottle you are all ready to start your running journey. 

As you progress in your running journey, you can invest in more equipment such as a smartwatch or ‘super shoes’, or by joining a club. 

These are great resources to have, but not crucial for a successful running experience.

Health benefits associated with running 

There have been countless articles and studies which provide in depth analysis of all the health benefits that have been associated with running or jogging. So what are some of these health benefits? 

Regular jogging or running can:

  • Reduce the overall risks of developing chronic illness such as heart disease 
  • Increase bone strength, stability and joint function 
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness 

 While these are great reasons, running has also been known to help with your mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing. 

Regular exercise helps to decrease stress and anxiety while increasing brain function such as memory and focus! The overall quality of your sleep has been noted to be positively affected by running. 

It has also been noted that those who run regularly tend to experience lower levels of depression.

How can you start?

Starting anything new can be hard but know that it will be worth it. Whether it is elite level or a simple jog these tips will help your running journey:

1. Aim to be structured and consistent in your approach. Having a structured plan in place can help you monitor your progress and allow you to slowly build up your running ability. Consistency is a key aspect to building your endurance as well.

2. When getting started, it can be very helpful to divide your workout time between running and walking. If you have 30 minutes to workout, try to run for 6/7 minutes and walk for 4/3 minutes, and repeat this three times. It’s important not to push yourself too hard, you want to make running as easy as you can for yourself. If you are more advanced try to understand your ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ days running.

3. Begin your running journey by starting on softer surfaces, such as grass, instead of going straight for the road. If you run regularly think about the surface you run on and consider what suits you best.

4. Find a run buddy, ask someone else to join you, your chances of sticking to it are increased if you are running with someone else.

Let’s talk essentials 

In recent years, there has been somewhat of an evolution in the footwear industry with the creation of the ‘super shoe’. Many brands have come out with the ‘go-to shoe’ for professional and amateur runners alike, which many do use. 

These new styles of shoe are lightweight in design and have a combination of foam and carbon plate which help to protect runner’s feet as well as absorbing the constant impact which protects joints. While these are impressive shoes, if you are just starting out, ensuring you have a comfortable and supportive shoe is more than enough.

With regards to other running apparel, you needn’t spend a lot of money when starting out

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