DSPCA’s easy tips for keeping your pets safe and calm this Halloween

DSPCA’s easy tips for keeping your pets safe and calm this Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast, and so too are firework displays and bonfires across the country.

For those who have furry friends in the house this year, trying to keep them calm amid the noise and regular trick-or-treaters can be quite difficult.

The DSPCA has published some easy tips to keep cats and dogs safe and relaxed this year alongside a warning for families with young kids.

Keep pets inside on Halloween

Where possible, do not leave your dogs, cats, or rabbits outside in the back garden on Halloween – the loud noises and fireworks will terrify them.

Bring them inside and ensure that they have a safe, quiet place to go to and hide if they are afraid.

Putting on the radio or television in the room can also help.

Make sure whatever room they are in the door remains closed for the evening, as frightened cats and dogs can run very quickly when they see an open door.

Do not dress them up

The DSPCA strongly discourages people from dressing pets up for Halloween as many find it very uncomfortable and stressful.

Do not take your pet trick or treating, no matter how brave you think they are, “the noise, activity, strange smells and loud bangs can be extremely scary for pets so just don’t do it.”

Keep chocolate away from your pets

For households with young kids heading out trick-or-treating, the DSPCA warns to keep all the goodies and choco

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