Esther McCarthy: Jessie Buckley’s talent is now being seen on the world stage 

Esther McCarthy: Jessie Buckley’s talent is now being seen on the world stage 

Jessie Buckley’s creativity was fostered in the family home near Killarney’s Mangerton Mountain, where father Tim would regale the family with his poetry and stories.

Mum Marina Cassidy, a singer and harpist, first instilled in her young daughter the sheer power of a story or a song.

“When she sang, or when she told stories with song, it had a really profound effect,” she told the Irish Examiner last year. “People would come up and have belonged to whatever she was singing to. Looking back, that was probably the first time I felt: ‘God, I want to be able to do what she does for people in some shape or form’.” Buckley has achieved that, and then some.

She joined Killarney Musical Society and was soon taking to the stage she had watched as a youngster.

After winning an Irish fanbase with a deep run in the reality TV show contest I’d Do Anything, the 18-year-old was inspired to pursue a stage career when she finished runner up in the public vote. 

“I guess it gave me just the sheer courage to get out and do it. And despite your fear, you still manage to do it. You know, fear is just another thought.” A successful theatre and musical theatre career in London followed. 

Screencasting agents had noticed her and she began to get TV roles. A central role opposite Tom Hardy in the widely praised Taboo was a stepping stone to her first role on the big screen. She was terrific in the British indie Beast as a woman with family troubles who falls for an outsider who is subsequently accused of murder.

The delightful musical drama, Wild Rose, marked out Buckley’s sheer range of talents. As well as playing the lead of a straight-talking, ex-con Glaswegian with dreams of singing country in Nashville, she co-wrote and performed several of the film’s songs. It marked the beginning of a remarkable musical period for Buckley, collaborating with musicians like Neil McColl and playing support for Kris Kristofferson.

Further praise for Charlie Kauffman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things followed, but it was her supporting role on f

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