Georgie Crawford ‘floored’ by support after opening up about Ukraine surrogacy heartbreak

Georgie Crawford ‘floored’ by support after opening up about Ukraine surrogacy heartbreak

Podcaster and influencer Georgie Crawford has said she is “floored” by the influx of support she’s received after opening up about a heartbreaking setback in her surrogacy journey.

The Good Glow podcaster and her husband Jamie were matched with a surrogate in Ukraine in December after Crawford elected to freeze her eggs while undergoing treatment for breast cancer in 2017. They were set to undergo the process of embryo transfer with their surrogate this week. 

Tragically, the couple were forced to put their surrogacy process on pause given the troubling developments in Ukraine, and their match decided to continue with the process for another family.

Posting to her 91.7k followers this morning, Georgie said she was “floored” by the “stories, advice and prayers” she received after sharing her latest news. 

Georgie Crawford: podcaster and influencer discusses her surrogacy experience in this week’s episode of The Good Glow

“I’m so grateful for every single one,” she said, adding that while she feels really sad, she knows she won’t feel this way forever.

“And I’m open to where this experience is bringing me,” she said.

On yesterday’s podcast, Crawford shared the details of her experience with co-host Claire Solan, in what was an emotional and sometimes difficult listen.

She spoke of the “reality” of the current situation in Ukraine sinking in, and what it meant for her family, as well as that of her surrogate.

I suppose I had been in denial for the weekend, and saying everything is fine, everything’s going to be fine, and then the Monday, the reality of the situation between Ukraine and Russia really hit me.

“I felt like I surrendered on that Monday morning,” she said, sharing that an hour after she finished recording the  last episode of the podcast she got the text that she had been waiting for, for 18 months. 

“It said your embryo transfer is due to take place on the 21st of the 2nd, 2022.”

Crawford then spoke of receiving the news from her surrogacy partner that she wanted to proceed with pregnancy, and her immediate reaction.

“First of all, I just thought the timing was strange. And I thought the date was perfect — for the whole week, I’d prayed for a resolution to this, that we could go ahead with the transfer. 

“We contacted our clinic on Thursday and we asked him, is there any way that they could ask our surrogate could it wait an extra month?

“On Friday morning. I was in Dunnes, we got the email to say that she didn’t want to wait. So I was on my way to acupuncture, it was so weird. I tried to cancel the acupuncture appointment at four o’clock the previous day, but they were closed, so I was like, I can’t send them an email, it’s too short notice so I’ll just go. So I went into the acupuncture, and my heart was broken.

Georgie and Jamie Crawford with daughter Pia Picture: @georgie.crawford

“I sat down on the bed and Janet, who, does my acupuncture, she held my hand and said, ‘you know people always come in here with broken hearts, and pain, just lie down there’.”

Crawford then described how she spent the 15 minutes alone crying, but said she walked out, she fel

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