Guests in stitches at wedding speech given by Chinese bride as she marries into typically Irish family

Guests in stitches at wedding speech given by Chinese bride as she marries into typically Irish family

Wedding guests were left in stitches after a Chinese bride gave a hilarious speech after she married into a typically Irish family.

The bride looked stunning as she stood in the middle of her wedding reception and delivered the comical speech.

She said: “Lots of you have been thinking ‘does she speak English?’ I mean, well before I came to Ireland, I thought I do, you know, then I heard your accent, or you think you do, I don’t know.

“On the other hand, my parents are over here. They don’t speak any English. So go talk to them later. It will be fun.

“In China, we have a saying you don’t just marry some guy, you marry his whole family. I mean, just look at the Mannion’s… I’m fe**ed.

“I’m joking. Everybody knows the Mannion’s they are simply the most wonderful people in this world. I really think so.

The bride delivers hilarious speech

“I’m so lucky to marry into this family, but tonight, if any of you catching me blinking at you, that’s Chinese language for ‘help me’.”

Bellows of laughter erupted throughout the venue as guests cheered the bride on.

She added: “I just want to say this to all the unmarried girls here.

“There is no words describing the feeling of walking down the aisle in your beautiful dress, with the ones you love watching you.

“It’s that exact moment you realise it’s too late to run.

“You see in China, this is the day your other half’s family takes you in as a family member, buts it’s not the case with the Mannions today, because you know they have been taking me in as a family, like Tom said, as long as I know them.”

The bride ended her speech perfectly, leaving her captivated audience ready to dance the night away.

She said: “All kidding aside, thank you so much, everyone, for being here as part of our most important day.

“My beloved family and friends who flew half a world to be here, allow me to say something in Chinese.”

The bride then continued to thank her family and friends in Chinese before saying: “Now let me translate that to you.

“Run and get out of here while you can before all the Irish get drunk! Thank you very much”.

The video has since gotten almost 50k views as people remarked that she was definitely a keeper.

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