Irish people share biggest regrets from drink-fuelled work Christmas parties

Irish people share biggest regrets from drink-fuelled work Christmas parties

As Christmas fast approaches, many people will be looking forward to letting their hair down and having a much deserved break from work.

And what better opportunity to do so than a Christmas party?

Work parties can be a great opportunity to let loose at the end of the year while getting to know your work colleagues on a whole new level as people have a few drinks and relax.

However, some may take it a little too far and end up with a bad case of the fear the next day.

A survey of 2,000 people conducted by, Ireland’s leading affairs site, revealed that over a third of women (36%) and men (35%) had done something they regretted at a Christmas bash.

The survey also found that one in six women (16%) and slightly fewer men (14%) had cheated on their partner at the works festive do.

From a drunken kiss to bad mouthing colleagues, many people admitted to being caught out in some Christmas shenanigans.

The most popular regrets were:

1. Snogging a colleague when drunk (36% of women/31% of men);

2. Making a fool out of myself in front of the boss (33% of women/26% of men);

3. Revealing secret passion for a colleague (22% of women/20% of men)

4. Sleeping with a work-mate (16% of women/15% of men)

5. Getting caught slagging off a colleague (15% of women/14% of men)

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More than a third of female Christmas revellers (34%) and a similar number of men (31%) said they had woken up the morning after the festive bash and wished they could turn back the clock because of their drunken behaviour. sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: “This year we are going to Christmas party in Ireland like we never have done before.

“We can all get together for the first time in two years.

“People will finally be face-to-face with the person they have been lusting over in Zoom meetings for almost two years.

“Expect lots of outrageous drunken behaviour and lots of affairs as passion that has been building up since the start of the pandemic finally comes out into the open.”

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