Natural Health: I get UTIs after sex, what remedy can I take? 

Natural Health: I get UTIs after sex, what remedy can I take? 

I tend to get UTIs after sex. I find I am less likely to respond to my husband’s advances as a result. I’m in my 50s and have no other health issues.

What a stressful situation for you both to deal with. Many women find it necessary to urinate after sex or rinse their genitals with warm water to reduce the likelihood of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).

UTIs are far more common in women and are typically caused by bacterial transfer from the vagina or anus to the urinary tract. E. coli (Escherichia coli) is one of the more common culprits, although not all UTIs are bacterial in origin.

If you have already taken a course (or many courses) of antibiotics without relief, then it may be that you have another underlying issue responsible for your discomfort. Inflammation in the bladder or pelvic region can trigger UTI symptoms, along with candida overgrowth.

It is worth discussing these possible causes with your doctor so that any treatments you undertake will address the root cause.

For bacterial infection, the best natural supplement to have on hand is D-mannose. It 
works by binding to the bacteria responsible for bladder and urinary tract infections so that it can be flushed out when you urinate. This means that the bacteria doesn’t get the chance to stick to the bladder wall, multiplying and creating havoc with urinary frequency, urgency, and the dreaded stinging or burning sensation some individuals experience. It also helps to prevent the likelihood of developing a UTI and is relatively swift in relieving a current infection.

Waterfall D-mannose is available from Independent health stores, or you can order it online from


The herb uva ursi can also be used to treat UTIs. It can take a couple of days to ease your symptoms but will help heal your bladder and urinary tract in the longer term.

Dried uva ursi leaf can be prepared as a tea and is even better when combined with marshmallow root to soothe the membranes and reduce inflammation in the urinary tract. 

Please note that uva ursi is not safe for pregnant or lactating women, but D-mannose is.

Eating plenty of fresh whole foods, avoiding processed, sugary and fatty foods, and drinking at least two to three litres of pure water daily is also important. Avoid using scented shower products, and instead use pure water and simple Castile soaps.

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