Netflix user leaves people in tears with their incredible Squid Game mistake

Netflix user leaves people in tears with their incredible Squid Game mistake

One person’s mistake while watching popular Netflix show Squid Game has left people online in stitches.

The South Korean show has seen huge success and has become Netflix’s most watched show in 90 countries.

The series follows a group of contestants who are crippled by debt compete in six rounds that are based on childhood playground games.

Each contestant is competing for a huge cash prize, which becomes bigger as each person is eliminated.

However, the game has deadly consequences whereby contestants are killed if they fail a round.

There are multiple ways to watch the show – with Korean subtitles, with English subtitles, or with dubbing.

But there was one aspect that only one person watching was able to spot.

TikTok user teaganmimiandg posted a clip on the app with the caption: “Can’t believe that I watched an entire episode of squid game thinking that the ‘squid voice’ was a director’s choice – before realising it was an error with my TV’.

The clip has been viewed over a million times on the app, with thousands of commenters amazed by how the user didn’t notice.

Though there were plenty who had been in a similar situation.

One person tweeted: “Reminds me of the time I thought they were speaking an alien language at the beginning of Lilo & Stitch, only to discover I had the Spanish option on.”

Another chimed in with: “My parents did this once. They accidentally had descriptive audio turned on for some Twin Peaks style show and thought it was just a stylistic decision.”

While a third said: “My friend did this with wandavision one time. We were watching an episode together over the phone and 5 minutes in he asks “hey, is it supposed to be in German?”

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