Rory McIlroy says he pays extra to ensure journeys are carbon neutral

Rory McIlroy says he pays extra to ensure journeys are carbon neutral

Rory McIlroy has revealed the moment a “massive sense of guilt” prompted him to ensure his journeys to tournaments around the world are carbon neutral.

In the wake of the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, McIlroy was asked for his views about the frequent flights he takes to compete in a sport which is, in itself, not considered environmentally friendly.

“Two years ago, after I won in China, I flew back home privately and it was just me on the plane,” McIlroy said after making the trip from his home in Florida to Dubai for the DP World Tour Championship.

“And I just got this massive sense of guilt come over me just because this can’t be good and all that sort of stuff.

“So we ended up reaching out to the GEO Foundation who do a lot of great sustainability things in golf, and that was the only sort of organisation that we knew of that I guess could help us go in the right direction.

“I wouldn’t self-profess to be an eco warrior, but I’m someone that doesn’t want to damage the environment in any way, so how can I make my travel around the world neutral, how can I neutralise what I do?

“And they came up with a few different ways that I can do that. So on top of what I pay to fly private, I pay quite a bit more on top of that to make sure I’m carbon neutral by the end of the year.

“It’s something that I have a conscience about and I take it seriously, especially when you see some of these weather events that are happening.

“And I live in a

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