‘The whole lot is lies,’ Cork rape and child cruelty trial hears

‘The whole lot is lies,’ Cork rape and child cruelty trial hears

The man accused of raping and sexually assaulting his ex-partner and her son, as well as cruelty to her children, said on Friday: “The whole lot of what they are saying about me is lies.” 

The accused man was cross-examined at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork by prosecution senior counsel Shane Costelloe. It is anticipated that lawyers for the prosecution and defence will give their closing speeches to the jury on Monday before Mr Justice Michael McGrath addresses the five women and seven men of the jury on the legal principles they need to consider when deliberating. 

They will have to deliver verdicts on 59 charges, including two counts of raping his then-partner, “numerous counts of sexually assaulting her”, and cruelty to her three children. The defendant is also charged with sexually assaulting his partner’s son and one count of raping him. The accused man has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Mr Costelloe SC said on Friday about allegations of the defendant getting his partner’s children to spend hours tidying the kitchen and their bedrooms, “This is nothing to do with cleanliness or tidiness, this was a form of control you were enforcing over these children. It was punishment you were inflicting on them.” 

The accused replied: “I did not control or punish them. I never put the kids to bed early as a punishment, ever.” He said he would have liked a proper relationship with the children his ex-partner had before he and she had more children together but he said she kept telling him they were not his children and she did not want him reprimanding them.

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As for cruelty, Mr Costelloe SC asked: “You never beat them, you never slapped them, you never punished them? And they are absolutely lying when they said that was something you did? You never called them names?” He said he did not call them names and particularly hated the word, ‘bastard’, which he also denied calling any of the children.

“You did not call them f***ers, c**t or bitch?” Mr Costelloe SC asked. He replied: “Definitely did not call them those things… I have said, ‘Don’t be doing the c**t.’” Mr Costelloe said: “You were spoken to by Tusla on various occasions and you said ‘I did not hit them. I called them f***er, bitch and c**t’.”

The accused responded to the allegation that he had already admitted (to Tusla) cal

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